Handmade in Vermont

About the Jewelry

Silver and Stones jewelry pieces are all designed and hand crafted by me. Each piece is unique, and created from fine silver, sterling silver or copper. My collection includes pendants, earrings and rings, and I tend to favor variscite, atlantiscite turquoise, amazonite, aquamarine, prehnite, peridot and other teal or green stones. I make jewelry that I love to wear myself. Necklaces are 15" to 18" long, earrings are large and rings are usually made with an 18" x 13" cabochon. I hope you will be intrigued with my work.

About the Artist

After receiving my degree in Fine Arts and Sociology, my love for making pottery led to my opening a studio and creating pottery pieces in Vermont for many years. I have sold my work at craft shows in Vermont and New Hampshire, as well as other venues, including jewelry/gift stores.

When I moved from Vermont to Boston in 1998, I retired my pottery business, and upon returning a few years later, went back to school to learn metalsmithing and jewelry making. Combining my love of jewelry with my passion for creating with my hands, I opened the Silver and Stones Studio in January, 2007, and I have been having fun ever since. It gives me great pleasure to see the smile when a person puts on one of my creations!


Current work